The Last Goodbye – A Tribute To My Mom

Goodbye Mom

  They say Alzheimer’s is a series of goodbyes. And It’s true.  I have said goodbye to so many things I had with Mom. What has been a surprise is that the very last goodbye has been harder than I ever expected. I said goodbye to Mom knowing who I was on my 51st birthday. […]

Bonus – Akum – Research & fundraising

How could I resist a humble fundraising assistance request? When it comes from a young man that wants to cure Alzheimer’s, I couldn’t. Instead of just resharing posts on Instagram, we created this bonus episode. In this bonus episode, I talk to Akum Dhillion. He is a young man who was inspired by his Grandmother […]

Feed Your Brain for Cognitive Health

Feeding brain image

Being able to feed our brains while on the go is enough challenge. Doing so in a healthy way is even more so. This podcast episode talks about healthy brain nutrition and a new product that makes on-the-go brain health eastier.

Caregiving Challenges In A Covid-19 World

Caregiving has enough challenges. Adding in our new challenges due to the Covid-19 virus is almost too much. I’ve been checking in with past guests to see how they’re coping. This episode is with Richard Creighton. He was one of two guests on the Caregiver Grief episode. Richard is caring for his wife Kate. Our […]

Choosing Joy – A Book of Alzheimer’s Hope

Most of us see a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s as the beginning of a journey that will be filled with frustration, sadness and possibly worse. There are very few positive stories we can read. But, what if, just by the way we approach caring for our loved one we can actually help keep their mind stimulated?