Hope on the Horizon? (Research Interview)

Disease research

Do you ever feel like disease has taken over our world and we’ll never be free of its devastating effects? Fortunately, while we’re caregiving for people living with Alzheimer’s there are people living Alzheimer’s research daily.

Staying Connected While Apart & Other Good Tips

Socially Connected

Having many tools to use while caregiving is important. It is not uncommon to have to try a lot of things before you find tips that work. Of course, once you find tips that work, you still need tools in reserve for the day things change.

But, I Have A Son In Junior High! – Before The Diagnosis

Too often, when someone receives a diagnosis of any type of dementia, they are seen a just that; a person with dementia. These stories are about human beings. They are about people like you and me; people with hopes and plans for the future, a life worth remembering.

Take Back Your Life – Coping with Change

Coping with Change

Change is stressful. You need to decide if you want to deal with the stress of the same old routine or deal with the stress of trying something new. Coping with change temporarily may lead to a better quality of life.