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Guiding Light in the Dementia Journey: Unveiling the Role of a Dementia Doula

Guiding Light in the Dementia Journey: Unveiling the Role of a Dementia Doula
Mary Anne Ogelesby

Have you ever wished for a friend who understood your caregiving journey? A friend who had all the answers you needed? Haven't we all hoped for this friend at one time or another?

There is the next best thing. You can hire a dementia doula to walk with you. Doula is an ancient Greek word meaning a woman who serves. Interesting, yes? Historically a doula is an experienced mother who assists new mothers. The doula title works well with experienced Alzheimer's caregivers who assist new caregivers.

Dementia doulas are a relatively new but growing field. This conversation discusses how a dementia doula can help caregivers cope.

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