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Cooking Up Memories: Dementia Partnerships in the Kitchen

Cooking Up Memories: Dementia Partnerships in the Kitchen
Melissa Bernstein demonstrates how to engage with our loved ones in the kitchen.

Cooking Up Memories: Dementia Partnerships in the Kitchen. Cooking together in the kitchen can provide meaningful activities for loved ones battling neurodegenerative illness. However, getting a meal on the table and focusing on meaningful engagement at the same time can be a challenge.

That's where this episode comes in handy! It may be longer than a typical episode, but it's well worth a listen or even checking out the video on YouTube. In this jam-packed conversation, Melissa Bernstein discusses adaptive tools and utensils designed to make eating and preparing food more accessible.

She also shows a video of her working with a gentleman in the later stages of dementia to prepare a fruit salad in the kitchen. This video starts at one hour & seventeen minutes if you'd like to listen to our conversation and then head to YouTube for the engagement part of the video.

However you consume this episode, you're sure to get a lot of helpful advice from Melissa. You can learn more about her on her website and even order the cookbooks!


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