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Love, Dignity & Dementia: Navigating The Challenges of Caregiving Together

Love, Dignity & Dementia: Navigating The Challenges of Caregiving Together

Get ready for an enlightening conversation because this week's guest, Terri Pease, brings a fresh perspective to caregiving. While many people describe caregiving as a journey, Terri challenges this notion and questions whether it genuinely captures the essence of the experience.

Instead, she draws an intriguing parallel, likening caregiving to wandering in a vast forest, where the path and destination remain unknown.

In our discussion, we delve into the realities of caregiving, particularly the profound losses accompanying diagnoses like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Rather than focusing solely on these hardships, Terri advocates for a different approach emphasizing the importance of sharing the caregiving load. By openly addressing fears, nurturing hopes, and understanding each person's desires within a sustainable caregiving relationship, we can alleviate many challenges caregivers face and those grappling with progressive diseases.

Terri's expertise in caregiving extends far beyond the ordinary. In a remarkable display of commitment, she consciously decided to marry her husband after his Parkinson's diagnosis. Drawing from her extensive background in social services and healthcare industries, Terri has dedicated her professional life to supporting individuals navigating highly stressful circumstances. Her book, "Love, Dignity & Parkinson's," is a valuable resource, offering a practical workbook to assist anyone coping with a life-limiting disease.

To learn more about Terri and her invaluable insights, visit her website at visit her website. Prepare to be inspired and empowered as Terri sheds light on the transformative power of caregiving and the immense strength found within oneself.

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