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INmuneBio's Cutting-Edge Approach to Treating Alzheimer's & Dementia

INmuneBio's Cutting-Edge Approach to Treating Alzheimer's & Dementia

David Moss, Founder of InMuneBio

A brief history of Alzheimer's Disease:

  • 1906: Discovery of brain disease → later named Alzheimer's disease in 1910
  • 1976: Neurologist Robert Katzman identifies Alzheimer's as the most common cause of dementia and a public health challenge
  • 1983: Researchers George Glenner and Cai'ne Wong identify beta-amyloid, a key component of Alzheimer's brain plaques
  • 1986: Discovery of tau protein as a key component of tangles in Alzheimer's disease
  • 1987: First clinical trial and detection of the first inherited Alzheimer's gene
  • The 1990s: Establishment of a nationwide medical network for clinical research, the discovery of the first risk factor gene, and FDA approval of the first Alzheimer's drug
  • 2012: Launch of the first major clinical trial
  • 2013: Discovery of a new genetic risk factor
  • 2015: Higher-than-expected deaths from Alzheimer's
  • 2019: Initial signs of progress
  • 2021: FDA approves the first drug treatment for Alzheimer's disease after 115 years since the disease's discovery.

This history could be more encouraging, but thankfully, it's only part of the research picture. With me today is David Moss from InMuneBio, a research company looking at firing up the immune cells in our brains to help fight Alzheimer's. 

InmuneBio has completed a stage one clinical trial with good results, which excites me to share their story with you.

Learn more about INmunebio Here

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