A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Peruvian Alzheimer’s Adventure


How can getting eldercare for someone with Alzheimer’s be better in Peru? To begin with, the cost of living is so much lower in Peru than in the United States. Instead of $600 a day, Barabra Drakes father lived like a king on $600 a month.

If you’re listening to this episode, you may be facing terrifying options for a loved one. The cost of care in countries like America, Canada & the United Kingdom can be prohibitively expensive. Many families are faced with choices that are unacceptable but they don’t have better options.

It is possible to retire outside the United States. It takes careful research and planning but it may be an option worth considering. Barbar’s blog can help you start your research correctly and maybe you too will have a Peruvian Alzheimer’s Adventure with your loved one.

What type of caregiving adventure have you been on? We’re always looking for guests with interesting stories, helpful advice, anything that might help. Are you a potential guest or know someone who could be? Contact us at fadingmemoriespodcast.com with ideas, suggestions or if you just want to say hi!

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