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A Ray of Hope? Stabilizing Cognitive Decline

photo of the Beacon40 i nose


photo of the Beacon40 i nose
When a spouse goes searching for something to stabilize cognitive decline & doesn’t find it…


We all want to avoid cognitive decline but so far, there aren’t many concrete suggestions on how to make that happen. Most of us will make lifestyle adaptations and hope for the best. But what if there were another tool we could use?  We all know the cognitive benefits of sunlight. What if we could recreate those benefits for our indoor hours?

What if you could fill your room with a light that promotes brain health? Would you use a product that enhances your daily routine, promotes wellness in a safe, non-invasive way?

There is such a system. Backed by science you can have lights delivered that mimic the brain’s healthy gamma rhythm and it helps improve mental acuity, memory, and attention.

Let a little light into your life and see if you will be “remarkably stable”.

HomeoLux-Beacon40 Website

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