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Activities for Dementia Engagement with Gleam in Your Eyes Boxes

Activities for Dementia Engagement with Gleam in Your Eyes Boxes

Activities for Dementia Engagement. Discovering warm and meaningful activities to share happy moments with your loved one living with dementia is now easier with our dementia activity subscription box service. Engage in reminiscence therapy with nostalgic items, stimulate creativity with art supplies, or enjoy calming sensory activities. Each box is curated to provide joy and connection, fostering precious memories and enhancing quality time together. Join our subscription service today to explore endless activities tailored for your loved one's enjoyment and cognitive well-being.

How do you add a gleam in their eye? Simple, by hearing what this caregiver turned support provider has created. My guest Marie Vaudry is a sandwich-generation caregiver who has found a way to make visits easier with curated activities.

The Gleam in Your Eye boxes contain games that facilitate discussions, make visits more pleasant, allow you the opportunity to laugh together, and properly stimulate the person with dementia (such as Alzheimer’s). Are you reluctant to visit your loved one because you don’t know what to say and find that time moves slowly when you do visit? Bring this activity box with you as a gift on your next visit. Do you live far away from them and feel guilty for not being able to visit more often? Receiving this activity box will entertain them and be a topic of discussion when you call them.

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