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But, I Have A Son In Junior High! – Before The Diagnosis


Too often, when someone receives a diagnosis of any type of dementia, they are seen a just that; a person with dementia. These stories are about human beings. They are about people like you and me; people with hopes and plans for the future. People who lived, or are still living, all of whom had lives worth remembering.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Gincy Hines, author, volunteer, and super bubbly person. You’ll love her story and the inspiration behind her book.

We started talking about how the book came to be but we quickly veered into Gincys’ story. You’ll hear how her husband was 55, she was 49 and they had a son in junior high a lot. Due to her husbands’ early-onset Alzheimer’s, it’s understandable that she was in disbelief.

Like many caregivers, Gincy found a passion project as a coping technique. That was the birth of Before the Diagnosis. They’re working on the second edition (as of this episode date). If you’re interested in contributing an essay feel free to get in contact with me. My email is fadingmemoriespodcast@gmail.com. I will be writing my own story for the second edition.

Gincy’s book – Before the Diagnosis

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