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Breaking the Burnout Cycle: A Conversation with Judy Burkle

Breaking the Burnout Cycle: A Conversation with Judy Burkle
Coach Judy Burkle

You are caring for a loved one and struggling to care for yourself. You know this isn't a sustainable way to live, but what options do you have?

Avoiding burnout is crucial for dementia caregivers, as the demanding nature of the role can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion. Sustaining the well-being of caregivers ensures consistent and compassionate care for individuals with dementia. By prioritizing self-care, setting realistic expectations, and seeking support, caregivers can maintain their resilience and provide optimal care, fostering a healthier caregiving environment for both themselves and those they care for.

In this bonus episode, I talk to Judy Burkle of Coach Judy about ways to avoid burnout. Judy also has a Burnout Prevention Membership you may want to consider. This program is for caregivers of aging parents who are tired of feeling burnt out and exhausted every day or never want to feel that way!

This bonus episode offers tips, behind-the-scenes conversations, and details about her program. It's a quick way to learn some burnout prevention methods and learn about two caregivers with dogs named Remy.

Find Judy here https://judyburkle.kartra.com/page/TdQ425.


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