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098 - Brain Trauma & Alzheimer’s

098 - Brain Trauma & Alzheimer’s

Brain trauma is a topic that the host of Nooks & Crannies podcast knows all too well. Matt joins Jen in this episode to talk about brain trauma, brain health and a little bit about how podcasts can change the world!

I've personally had at least one, probably two concussions. That's enough to worry me about the possibility that I've increased my risk of developing Alzheimer's. My family history is enough risk. It's not completely clear if there is an increased risk of cognitive impairment from one or two concussions. That's still being researched.

My guest, Matt, from the Nooks & Crannies podcast has sustained 20 plus concussions. He's probably lost count if we're being honest. At 37 he does have warning signs of brain trauma that could lead to early cognitive impairment. We discuss how he got so many head injuries and how they are currently affecting his life.

Here's an episode they did on the same topic!
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