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045 -Caregiver Confessions (with IWB Podcast)

045 -Caregiver Confessions (with IWB Podcast)

Caregiver confessions is something we all have but don't usually want to discuss.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be a caregiver who never gets frustrated and is an eternal optimist?  If that describes you, I applaud your emotional strength and resilience. However, many of us providing care for a cognitively impaired loved one, do not fall into that category; I know I don’t.

Similarly, most caregivers struggle with negative emotions, frustrations, and the uncertainty that comes from caring for someone with memory loss.  Helping people navigate this treacherous journey was the reason I started my podcast.

For instance, wanting to help ease the burden of having negative emotions sent me on a quest to find the right person to talk with.  Subsequently, I found Kate, the host of the podcast, Ignorance Was Bliss. For example, she started her podcast because she had things she wanted to say and the conversations she wanted to have. Kate is also a trained psychologist and a person living with serious health issues. Naturally, she was an ideal person to talk to.
Difficult Caregiver Thoughts (AKA Caregiver Confessions)

I'm sick of having no life of my own.
Dad tries to control everything I do—it’s exhausting.
How much longer can I continue caregiving? It seems like there is no end in sight.
My loved one has no clue what I give up to care for them. They think this is a normal routine.
Everybody constantly wants a piece of me, and there’s nothing left for myself.
Nothing I do ever pleases them.
Mom is suffering so much and has no quality of life. Why can’t she just let go and die?

As a result of some of my negative feelings about Mom, I wanted to find ways to see the positive in our interactions. Searching for ways to turn that negative narrative in my head around has been something I’ve worked on for many months.  Consequently, my conversation with Kate gave me some terrific insight that I'm sure will help you.

Meanwhile, check out the other part of our conversation on Ignorance Was Bliss.  As a result of our 2 plus hour conversation both of us got exactly what we wanted for our individual podcasts. Kate talked to me about my journey with Mom and moreover, I got an insight into dealing with my negative thoughts.

To sum it all up, talking through some of our negative thoughts and feelings can be a huge help.  Certainly, it can't hurt even if we don't come up with any answers. In addition, you might feel better just for having a conversation.

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