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Caregiver Goals & Self Care

Caregiver Goals & Self Care
A Path Revealed, Carlen Maddux

Elevate your well-being and sense of accomplishment through caregiver goals, a crucial aspect of self-care. Delve into the transformative power of meditation as a self-care technique, exploring its benefits in the context of caregiving. Discover how setting goals can provide a guiding light in the challenging landscape of caregiving.

Meet our guest, Carlen, as he shares a poignant journey. Just days after Martha Maddux, a spirited mother, and civic activist, turns fifty, she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Carlen and Martha find themselves freefalling, with no safety net but each other. However, this is not a story about Alzheimer's; it's about the emergence of a path in their darkest hours. Carlen's travels to the backwoods of Kentucky, encounters with a Catholic nun, and a journey to Australia are woven into a narrative of resilience and self-discovery.

As caregivers, finding a path forward is a universal challenge. Carlen's story offers insights into slowing down, embracing meditation, and seeking solace in unexpected places, including Thomas Merton's cabin. This conversation with Carlen is a guide on setting goals and implementing self-care methods, emphasizing the importance of navigating the caregiver's life and lifestyle.

Join us in exploring the intersection of caregiver goals, self-care, and the broader realms of psychology and health. Gain valuable perspectives and practical tips for your own caregiving journey.

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