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Caregiving & Employment


Caregiving employee
Avoiding a caregiving and employee crisis is avoidable if we work together.

Longer and longer lives are becoming the norm.  Understandably, caregiving and employment are bound to become a clash of responsibilities. Caregivers and employers working together can avoid complicating these competing responsibilities. In the end, what’s good for the employee is good for the employer, right?

Are you a caregiver? Do you help a friend or neighbor with the odds and ends of daily living?  Then you’re part of the 40 million unpaid caregivers in the United States. The value of this care to companies in lost productivity is over $25 billion.

Nearly half of caregiving employees are forced to leave the workforce due to caregiving needs. In view of that, it’s obvious we’re all facing a dilemma.  Employers are unaware of what services employees need. Employees are afraid to talk about their competing responsibilities. Of course, it’s a difficult conversation, but it’s one that is necessary. Employers should generate an anonymous survey to determine what services are needed.

As a result of living through the Covid-19 crisis, awareness of the coming caregiving crisis has happened. Switching to working and schooling from home, the caregiving crisis has also accelerated.  Hoping for a work-life balance? In general, that structure is gone. Realizing that the Covid-19 crisis was as bad, it pales in comparison to the rise in seniors who will need care in the near future.

How would you go about addressing and solving this looming crisis?  If you’re looking for answers, my conversation with Larry in this episode is a place to start looking. In this case, you will find ideas and answers to implement immediately.

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