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The Heart of Caregiving: From Denial to Self-Care and Fulfillment

The Heart of Caregiving: From Denial to Self-Care and Fulfillment
Patricia A. Boswell, has worked in caregiving since 1976!
Patricia Boswell

The Heart of Caregiving: From Denial to Self-Care and Fulfillment. Navigating the intricate journey of dementia caregiving involves a transformative shift from denial to embracing self-care and finding fulfillment. This metamorphosis captures the essence of "The Heart of Caregiving," where caregivers confront the challenges with resilience. From acknowledging the harsh reality of dementia to prioritizing their own well-being, caregivers embark on a profound voyage that not only benefits those they care for but also nurtures their own emotional and physical health

It's the exception when I have the pleasure of chatting with someone who has been in the caregiving game longer than I have. My Mom had Alzheimer's from the late 1990s till 2020, but my guest, Patricia A. Boswell, has worked in caregiving since 1976. Who better to learn how to provide care with love and joy than someone like Patricia?

Patricia has worked for the past twelve years in various home healthcare settings and private duty nursing, hospice, group homes, and senior living centers. Additionally, she consults with organizations regarding their best practices regarding medical operations. These activities are just some of what Patricia does to help those impacted by some form of dementia.

In addition to the calming sounds of birds chirping in the background, you'll get

It's not often I have a guest sitting outside among chirping birds. Listen for the advice but enjoy the calming bird sounds from Patricia's backyard birds.



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