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026 -Conversations Can Change The World – Ann Campanella

026 -Conversations Can Change The World – Ann Campanella

Join me in my conversation with Ann Campanella, author of the book Motherhood: Lost and Found. Ann’s’ book is an autobiography tracing her life after marriage, through several miscarriages, aging parents, and her mother’s decline with Alzheimer's disease.

Ready to start a family, Ann was used to setting goals and accomplishing them. After being plunged into an emotional journey Ann finds herself with a challenge to tackle. Reading her book allows us to follow her on this journey; a journey that leads to a deeper understanding of her and what it means to love.

During our conversation Ann and I share our collective advice, our bond as dementia daughters and our shared journey. Hearing this conversation will certainly help any caregiver dealing with dementia. Both of us have found that conversations can have positive effects on those who are participating or listening. Ann is a firm believer that good conversations can change the world.

What better way to change a caregiver’s world than to share a good conversation with them? I hope you enjoy this episode and that it changes your world in some positive way. If you are raising children while caring for a parent you will love reading about Ann’s journey. You can also listen to the audiobook if you lack the time for meaningful reading.
About AlzAuthors
Following the publication of her book Ann found the group AlzAuthors. AlzAuthors.comis a community of bestselling, award-winning authors who have never shaken hands or shared a cup of coffee. These authors come together because Alzheimer’s and dementia have impacted their lives.  Together, all AlzAuthors strive to eliminate the stigma surrounding the most important disease of our generation, estimated to affect 47 million people worldwide.

The AlzAuthors collection of books includes memoirs, novels, nonfiction, children’s books, and blogs – and the poignant real-life stories behind these works. They hope to make your life a bit easier. AlzAuthors is an excellent resource put together by people who have walked in your shoes.

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