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Building Bridges of Connection: The Impact of 'Conversations to Remember

Building Bridges of Connection: The Impact of 'Conversations to Remember
Connectedness is important for good brain health.

Have you ever had a conversation that lasted a long time but didn’t feel as if it did? Perhaps a chat with a loved one that made you feel seen, heard, special – alive? Conversations can be mood elevators as well as help maintain good cognitive health. We’ve all lived through a time that forced us to rethink how we stay in touch with other people. While many are excited to return to “normal” the pandemic did give us new tools for helping those who need more connections than they currently have.

Conversations to Remember is a volunteer organization started by 16-year-old Aaron. Its mission is to connect high school and college students with residents in assisted living communities to combat the epidemic of loneliness. Putting a smile on the faces of seniors, including those experiencing cognitive decline, creates a bridge between seniors and youth.

I talk to Aarons’s Mom, Eve about the organization and how it’s turned into a family affair.

Conversations To Remember

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