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104 - Coping for Caregivers in a Covid-19 World

104 - Coping for Caregivers in a Covid-19 World

Covid-19 has upended our world. As if Alzheimer's weren't bad enough, now we have to contend with more uncertainties than ever! I thought it would be helpful to check in with past guests, see how they're coping and get tips to share.

This bonus episode check-in was with Susan Straley the author of “Alzheimer's Trippin' With George”. Her husband is no longer with us but we discussed how she would have handled his needs in this crazy time. Certainly, some of her ideas will be ones you can implement.

Even when this crazy time of sheltering-in-place and social distancing is over, these techniques will still be relevant. Caregivers need as many strategies as possible whether it's normal day-to-day caring or caring during this Covid-19 crisis.

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