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Covid-19 & Long-term Cognitive Effects

Covid-19 & Long-term Cognitive Effects

Dr. Snyder of the Alzheimer's Association spoke about long-term cognitive effects from Covid-19 and diversity issues in clinical trials. The long-term cognitive effects of Covid-19, can include difficulties with memory, concentration, and executive function. Research suggests that individuals who experienced severe illness or prolonged symptoms may be more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment. Inflammation, blood clotting, and neurological damage may contribute to these effects. All of these issues highlight the importance of ongoing research and support for those affected by the virus.

Dr. Snyder is responsible for the progress the Association has made in Alzheimer's and dementia research funding. We discussed Covid-19s Association with long-term risk of cognitive dysfunction and the possibility of accelerating Alzheimer's symptoms. People with the virus experience short- and/or long-term neuropsychiatric symptoms. These symptoms can include loss of smell and taste and cognitive and attention deficits, known as “brain fog.” For some, these neurological symptoms persist, and researchers are working to understand the mechanisms by which this brain dysfunction occurs and what that means for cognitive health long term.

Our second topic was the need for greater diversity in clinical trials. A significant hurdle in developing therapeutics and care models for Alzheimer's disease that work for people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds is recruiting and retaining traditionally underrepresented groups in clinical trials.

If you're looking to increase your awareness of the efforts on the part of the Alzheimer's Association, this is the episode to tune in and hear.


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