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The Path to Resilient Caregiving: Strategies for Long-Term Sustainability

The Path to Resilient Caregiving: Strategies for Long-Term Sustainability
Theresa Willbanks talks to me about how we can create sustainable caregiving.

Creating sustainable caregiving will be something more of us will have to know as our population ages. Caring for another person, especially a parent, can feel like navigating an unpredictable, wild river.

How do we determine when it's no longer safe for Mom or Dad to live alone? When do we step in to help manage finances and or medications? How do we get our loved ones to stop driving and continue to allow them their independence? These questions demonstrate concern for our parent's safety and can be juxtaposed against our parent's fiercely held desire for independence. In addition to being emotionally charged, the answers have enormous ramifications for us as family caregivers.

Caregiving is sustainable when you are realistic. Know your options, have a plan, and are willing to adjust that plan as many times as needed. In this episode, I talk to Theresa Willbanks about these issues and how she managed them.

If you want to learn more about Theresa, her book, and the services she offers to caregivers, please follow this link to her website. https://www.sustainablecaregiving.com

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