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The Art of Dementia Communication

The Art of Dementia Communication
Michael Rost, psycholinguist & author

The Art of Communicating with Dementia. In dementia care, mastering the art of communication becomes paramount. Effectively connecting with individuals facing cognitive challenges requires a nuanced approach that goes beyond conventional methods. Empathy, patience, and non-verbal cues play crucial roles in navigating conversations with those experiencing dementia. Tailoring communication strategies to meet their unique needs fosters a sense of understanding and connection, enhancing the overall quality of care and enriching the lives of both caregivers and individuals with dementia.

Michael Rost, the author of The Journey Home, Portraits of Healing, has been active in language teaching, learning technology, and language acquisition research for over 25 years. He cared for his parents and gave us a simple message. Have meaningful conversations while you can.

Starting with the onset of his mother's Alzheimer's and proceeding through the eventual admission of both his parents to a nursing home, Michael explores the complex and intimate process of evolving relationships in the final passage of life.

We also discuss how communicating with someone with dementia is like learning a new language. When you think about the specifics of speaking with someone with cognitive impairment, this thought that you're using a new language makes sense.

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