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Fighting Stigma with Memories: The Doggies for Dementia Initiative

Fighting Stigma with Memories: The Doggies for Dementia Initiative

As a professional photographer, it was important to me to preserve memories with beautiful family portraits. I was a photographer long enough that I had clients die, and trust me, no one was sorry they had some lovely photographs. I was excited to connect with Carmen of the Doggies for Dementia Foundation finally.

They create portraits for families experiencing Dementia. Their goal is to provide beautiful memories and also to raise awareness. They do this by sharing the images that they create on their social media channels, blog, and in their emails. Doggies for Dementia strives to raise awareness to reduce stigma, isolation, and loneliness. Experts Dig in with Doggies for Dementia is a playlist on our YouTube channel (Doggies for Dementia Foundation); This is where we have candid conversations with experts, including family members and professionals.

Tune in now to hear two photographer-dementia daughters talk about this fantastic endeavor. Then check out their website. https://doggiesfordementia.org

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