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101 - Family Caregiving Blueprint

101 - Family Caregiving Blueprint

This week I'm talking to Cindy and her son Cory about their family's experience with caregiving and the formation of their family caregiving committee. It's a heartwarming tale that reminds us of the power of unity and compassion in the face of caregiving challenges.

It was a difficult time for our family when my dad realized he couldn't handle the responsibility of caring for my mom on his own anymore. He threw up the white flag and asked his children to find a care home for her. Instead of immediately seeking external help, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We formed a family caregiving committee, comprising my siblings, Cory, his cousins, and myself, to ensure that our mom receives the best care possible.

Our committee is built on open communication and shared responsibility. We hold regular meetings to discuss our loved ones' needs, assess their health, and make important decisions together. Each family member has specific responsibilities based on their strengths and availability. Cory has been instrumental in coordinating medical appointments and managing our grandmother's care while I focus more on organizing support services and ensuring everyone's well-being.

It's a team effort, really. We also have designated family members who take turns spending quality time with our loved ones, making sure they never feel alone or neglected.

Open and honest communication is key. Creating a safe space where family members can express their concerns, share the workload, and make decisions collectively is essential. Building a support network outside of the immediate family is also crucial. So many resources are available, such as support groups, online forums, and professional caregivers who can provide guidance and assistance.

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