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Food As Medicine? Dawn Renee’s Caregiving Experiences

Food As Medicine? Dawn Renee’s Caregiving Experiences

Can we use food as a medicine?  My guest, Dawn Renee has a compelling story of self-care & recovery. After a debilitating month in bed and a lifetime of chronic illnesses, Dawn believes you can. She has spent the past decade learning from others while assisting them with their daily health issues. Their experiences demonstrate that nutritional support and detoxing the body are crucial to maintaining good health.  

Dawn Renee is currently devoted to the care of a woman with stage 4 ALS. Focused care for someone navigating so many obstacles has provided challenges for learning. As a result, she has gained an intimate understanding of how nutritional support affects us, our health and our cognitive well being.

Suggestions from Dawn (some of these I've also found to help my brain sharpness);

Eating eggs help rebuild the brain barrier myelin and nerve support.

Omega-3 fatty acids – also known as healthy fats are important for overall health.

Consider probiotics for improved gut health. There is research showing a “leaky” gut causes all sorts of problems.

Drink lots of water. It won't “rust your insides” as my Mom used to say. The worst thing that can happen (unless you REALLY overdo it) is you'll be well acquainted with all the bathrooms near you!

The Mind Diet – A Detailed Guide for Beginners

Tea & Brain Health

This Is Your Brain on Nutrition
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