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Dementia Challenges -Resiliance & Joy in Caregiving

Dementia Challenges -Resiliance & Joy in Caregiving

Dementia Challenges - Resilience & Joy in Caregiving. Discover the significance of play in life, breaking free from traditional caregiving for empowerment and creativity. Joy and play enrich experiences, fostering innovation and self-discovery in a vibrant environment. Joy, a contagious emotion, arises from genuine connection, self-discovery, and appreciation of life's beauty. Play is a dynamic expression of our inner selves, breaking down barriers and fostering freedom through spontaneity and imagination. Joy and play create a harmonious dance, inviting lighthearted engagement with the world, sparking laughter, curiosity, and a deep connection to the present moment.

About Our Guest

Mary Fridley, co-founder of the Joy of Dementia and Reimagining Dementia, discusses unique connection opportunities from the pandemic and the 2020 summer unrest. Emphasizing the power of support communities, she transforms the isolating dementia journey into a joyful experience. Mary highlights the critical need to reimagine dementia stigma, promoting empowerment through resources, tools, and collective efforts against isolation.

Mary Fridley brings her wisdom of improvisation to the conversation, urging us to embrace the "yes, and" mentality and build relationships rather than resorting to a "yes, but" or "no" response. Finally, we delve into Mary's experiences creating the Joy of Dementia and Reimagining Dementia, emphasizing the importance of communication and meaningful relationships. Prepare to be inspired and empowered in your caregiving journey.

(0:00:01) - Reimagining Dementia

(0:10:20) - Challenging Stigma and Seeking Support

(0:20:58) - Exploring Relationship Dynamics in Dementia Care

(0:32:26) - Reimagining Care and Relationships

(0:44:11) - Joy and Play's Importance in Life

(0:56:49) - Embracing the Yes and Mentality

(1:03:46) - Learning From Life's Challenges and Sharing


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