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Health Care Advocacy Tips & Advice

Health Care Advocacy Tips & Advice

Healthcare advocacy is vital for caregivers of individuals with dementia. They navigate complex medical systems while providing care, often facing challenges in understanding treatment options, accessing appropriate services, and managing financial burdens. Advocacy ensures caregivers receive necessary support, education, and resources to enhance their loved one's quality of life and their own well-being. It empowers them to navigate healthcare complexities, advocate for tailored care plans, and access community services, easing the burden of dementia caregiving.

We've all had that moment when we know we need to be better health care advocates, yet we still hesitate to speak. I'm sure it's because you were taught manners, and you don't want to offend the doctor or health care practitioner. How do we advocate for our loved ones and ourselves without being rude? It's easy once you've heard today's guest.

Stacie Lampkin is a pediatric pharmacist. In 2019, she became a board-certified patient advocate after experiencing first-hand the difficulties of navigating a new health issue. Armed with education and resources, Stacie transforms overwhelm and frustration into knowledge and power. As a patient advocate, she teaches family members, patient advocates, and healthcare professionals how to better advocate for patients.

In this episode, you'll get tips and tools you can put to use at your next health care visit. Understanding how to navigate the system so that everyone feels heard and understood will make your caregiving journey a little bit easier.

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