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Health Literacy With Tamvoes


Health Literacy with Tamvoes
Health literacy skills allow patients to control their well-being by making intelligent healthcare choices.

Do you have good health Literacy? Unless you’re a trained medical professional, I feel confident that you’ve likely encountered challenges when dealing with the health care system. Communication with doctors and family while also dealing with your health struggles surely makes you wish for a better solution. 

Understanding the medical situation you are in, whether as a patient or a caregiver, in addition to managing all the necessary paperwork, creates more work at a time when your focus needs to be elsewhere. Juggling all the information and communication surrounding a medical diagnosis can strain both your mental and physical health. 

Becoming more health literate is essential but time-consuming. Health literacy skills allow patients to control their well-being by making intelligent healthcare choices, improving their communication with doctors, and giving them the information they need to advocate for themselves in a medical setting.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and we’re talking about that today.

TAMVOES is a health management platform supporting the information of Individuals, Families, and their Professional Team. TAMVOES is a women-led startup with the goal to empower individuals with their health information, giving them the ability to make more informed health care decisions.

You can reach Madison or Ruki here.

Tamvoes website


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