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Healthy Eating & Caregiving

Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating & Caregiving

Healthy eating is crucial for avoiding debilitating diseases.  While we wait for a prevention or cure for Alzheimer’s, we’ll have to do everything else we can to maintain brain health. If you haven’t heard this before, what is good for your heart is also good for your brain.

For better or worse, that means eating well and getting exercise. When you’re a caregiver, both of these recommendations can be a challenge. Self-care is just as important as the care you’re giving to your loved one. I managed to plan a week’s worth of meals and get everything needed from the grocery store, so everything was ready to go each evening. I also used the slow cooker as often as possible.

Because food is necessary and comfort and a way to maintain our health, I wanted to share my favorite recipes with all of you. The recipes are based on a low fat, Mediterranean diet and are ones I use.

Regular listeners of the podcast will know that I lost over 100 pounds and have managed to keep off about 75 of them. That’s a pretty good accomplishment for a woman over 50 and thrust into caregiving.

Find What Works

My body is ideal for surviving a food shortage. I store extra calories easily, which made finding a weight loss and nutrition plan challenging. What I did, and this is by no means a recommendation for everyone, is to eat very low fat. I’ve tried other plans, but they either left me feeling hungry or worse, lacking energy.

I mention this mostly, so you understand why many of the recipes are low fat. I also worked hard to keep the sugar down. I have an inherited sweet tooth, which makes that a colossal challenge. If you’re looking to reduce any particular food item (starchy carbs, sugar, fats), I suggest you do it slowly. That will give you time to get used to the way things taste. You’ll be surprised at how much better things taste when you let the natural flavors of your food shine through.

I was always the person who scoffed at the idea of eating “just a little bit of a really rich dessert.” Now, I am one of those people (barely).

I hope you enjoy the recipes I share. They are all meals I feed my family. Keeping healthy is essential so we can do all the things we need and want to do every day.


Healthy & Easy Recipes – Curated by Jen!

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