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Hope on the Horizon? (Research Interview)

Disease research



Do you ever feel like a disease has taken over our world and we’ll never be free of its devastating effects? Fortunately, while we’re caregiving for people living with Alzheimer’s there are people living with Alzheimer’s research daily.

As a curious person, I am interested in learning more about Alzheimer’s research. As an artist, it’s not easy to follow along when speaking to a researcher.

That is not the case with this episode. My guest, the CEO of Neurotez was able to discuss their current research in a way that all of us can understand. It’s fascinating and gives me hope. I’m sure you’ll feel that way too.

Neurotez is focusing on a different metabolic factor that may be a cause or contributor to Alzheimer’s disease. Their approach is not one that I have heard or read about but seems to have some hope.

I hope you find the explanation of what they’re doing as interesting as I did.

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