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How To Be Your Own Best Caregiver!

How To Be Your Own Best Caregiver!
We plan for nearly everything except, how to be our own best caregiver.

Setting yourself up to be your own best caregiver involves prioritizing self-care practices. Start by establishing healthy routines for sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Cultivate mindfulness through meditation or relaxation techniques to manage stress. Regularly check in with yourself emotionally and seek support when needed. Foster a positive mindset and practice self-compassion. Lastly, engage in activities that bring joy and fulfillment to maintain overall well-being. By investing in self-care, you become better equipped to care for yourself and handle life's challenges effectively.

We’re talking today about how to be your own best caregiver. Living with chronic illnesses, dealing with a lifetime of accumulations, worrying about money; it seems we prepare for everything in life except how to handle the challenges of its later years.

About 22% of older adults in the United States can be considered elder orphans or solo agers.  More are at risk of becoming one. The first group—elder orphans—are older people who don’t have a spouse or children they can depend upon. while solo agers are older adults who are living alone and don’t have children. In either case, this is a population of older people who don’t have a safety net if they need support, whether that’s physical, emotional, or practical.

In my conversation with author Joy Loverde, we discuss how we can plan for our older age with confidence. Her book, Who Will Care For Me When I’m Old is also a workbook to help us navigate this planning.

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