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007 -It Takes A Village – (Senior Social Program with Kids)

007 -It Takes A Village – (Senior Social Program with Kids)

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A senior social program is for seniors who need mild to moderate care and socialization during the day. Participants interact with peers and children through a variety of activities.  Regular activities include group discussions, exercise and mental stimulation.  A caring staff is committed to nurturing each adult spiritually, cognitively, socially emotionally and physically.  At the same time they recognize the uniqueness of each person. Senior social day programs fall between independent senior centers and assisted living care. It is designed to support families who wish to keep their loved ones at home.
Is A Senior Social Program For You?
If you are caring for a loved one, or worse, you are part of the sandwich generation, caring for kids and elders you need to find out if your community has a social day program. If there is one reasonably nearby that combines seniors with children, you should check them out immediately. The benefits to you from programs like this are priceless.

In my hometown we are blessed to have a senior social program that interacts the seniors with preschoolers and school aged children. I learned what an amazingly positive impact this program has on both the children and seniors. The positive impact also extends out to you.  This is why the phrase “it takes a village” kept going through my mind during this interview.

Listen in to learn more about the positive impact a senior social program can have while also learning about the ever increasing option of a program that integrates the two generations. I guarantee that you'll be searching for a program like this near you before the end of this episode.

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