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Learn Positive Coping Skills Today

Positive Coping Skills Study


Positive Coping Skills Study
Learn Positive Coping Skills through an online study.

Are you wishing there was a way to learn to be happier, to have more positive coping skills? Listening to this episode might be just what you need!

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease may make you eligible for the LEAF Study. Researchers at Northwestern University and the University of California San Francisco are testing an online positive emotion skill-building program to help caregivers cope with stress.

Living through the insanity of  2020 forced me to learn new coping skills and I had to use them all. Given that we’re caregivers we’re sure to need more. As a result of participating in this study, you’re sure to gain some new coping skills.

The LEAF Study

Email: LEAFstudy@northwestern.edu
Visit us: http://leafstudy.ucsf.edu
Ready to get started? Take our eligibility screener: https://is.gd/LEAF2study

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