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Embracing Death with Barbara Karnes' Wisdom

Embracing Death with Barbara Karnes' Wisdom

Embracing Death with Barbara Karnes' Wisdom – Supporting the dying process for someone with dementia.

How can we manage “embracing anticipatory grief” when our society views death as a failure? Dying is a process we will all go through, and it is a very personal experience.

Understanding how to support someone with dementia on this last journey is essential. It is difficult for us, but it is necessary. Understanding the dying process will help us help our loved ones. Letting go with love is the ultimate gift we can give.

What You'll Gain From Listening

In this episode, you will learn about the dying process, what to expect, and how to navigate the last days. People with dementia are at risk of receiving inadequate care because they cannot say what they want. Maintaining your verbal and non-verbal communication is essential.

Be aware of their eating and drinking. Changes in their eating is a significant clue. People at the end of life may stop eating and drinking. It can be very distressing to watch, but it is normal for people approaching the end of life.

Consider the environment in which they reside. It's best to maintain the same living arrangement whenever possible. Bring in whatever you need to keep your loved one comfortable as they go through the dying process.

Supporting people with dementia at the end of their life requires a team approach. Often, there will be many people involved in the person's care at the end of their life. Good communication and information sharing help to ensure the person receives the care they need.

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