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129 - Life on Planet Alz with Jack Cohen

129 - Life on Planet Alz with Jack Cohen

Sometimes caregiving can feel like we're living on Planet Alz

Caregivers live on Planet Alz, which is a different planet than earth. When you see us walking down the street, you may think that we look normal, but we are not. We are actually on a different planet. In our world, the normal rules do not apply. Everything is unpredictable, and anything can happen at any moment.

As caregivers know, living with Alzheimer's is like living on a different planet. Sometimes we're with our intergalactic traveler, and sometimes we wonder where they are. Understanding that we have to be in “their” reality helps us navigate this unusual planet.

Life on Planet Alz is the true story of my guest, Jack Cohen, and his journey caring for his wife. Speaking to me all the way from Israel, we chat about his experiences, the challenges he and his children faced and, how providing care differs in Israel.

For the most part, caregiving and Alzheimer's are pretty similar worldwide. All in all the challenges are pretty much the same. I know you will enjoy this episode.

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