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Make Grandma Smile – Engagement & Activities

Logo is a lit up Grandma lightbulb. This is for Make Grandma Smile


Logo for Make Grandma Smile. They are dedicated to bringing standardized engagement to senior care.
Enriching senior lives through specialized, entertaining engagement and activities.

Looking for ways to have better visits with my Mom is the genesis of the Fading Memories podcast. After two and a half years, I’ve learned a lot more about engagement. By learning how to give seniors a purpose and find things they enjoy, we go a long way into having meaningful visits.

My guest, Jason Heidel is an entertainer who works in senior care. His grassroots company, Make Grandma Smile, is focused on engagement therapy. They are looking for a way to standardize the engagement and behavioral health side of eldercare. By bringing an entertainment and participation component to care home activities, Jason has found a way to have more meaningful engagement.

In order to determine which activities are the most appropriate for their audience. They use what they call a DNA model. DNA stands for Decade neuroplasticity assessment. Simply put, it means they find out how much each resident remembers from each decade. As a result, they are able to tailor their activities to the audience they’re working with.

In fact, you’ll experience some of Jason’s talents in this episode.  Together with three other guests, we take part in the game Password. Enjoy!

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