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Brain Span Match Your Life Span

Brain Span Match Your Life Span

Dr. Park chats with us on how we can help our brain span match our life span.

How do we make our brain span match our life span? Most people are living with undernourished brains. There are many reasons for this. Despite many options, it's common to choose what's quickest, not necessarily the healthiest. I live in an agricultural area which makes me aware of how our food is grown. Maintaining a farm, growing nourishing food can sometimes be at odds with each other. Soil depletion is typical, which means, even when we choose the healthiest foods, they may not be as nutritious as they were one hundred years ago.

Despite our best efforts, it's more than likely that we are not giving our brains all it needs to maintain itself throughout our lives. Additionally, many lifestyle choices cause our brains to need better fuel.

Here's an excellent example of how lifestyle can affect we eat to fuel our brains. Have you ever woken from a lousy night's sleep craving sugary items like doughnuts or pastries? This craving is our brains' way of saying we need more/better fuel. It's looking for a quick hit of energy. Unfortunately, what works better is a healthy meal followed by a nap.

In today's conversation with Dr. Ed Park, we discuss how he came to create NeuroReserve and why it's vital that we all fuel our bodies, so our brain span matches our life span.


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Make Your Brain Span Match Your LifeSpan

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