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009 - Meals On Wheels – The Original Meal Delivery Service

009 - Meals On Wheels – The Original Meal Delivery Service

The original and ultimate meal delivery service, Meals on Wheels.  Their mission; support homebound elders to maintain their health and dignity. They serve seniors with chronic health conditions that prevent their preparing nutritious meals for themselves.  Lack of transportation is also an obstacle to providing for themselves.  By receiving meals seniors are helped to live independently in the comfort of their homes.   Meal delivery and good conversation go a long way toward supporting our vulnerable senior population.

People who are 65 and older now make up 8.5 percent of people (617 million) worldwide.  Ten million current seniors face the threat of hunger, and millions more live alone in isolation. Doubling that population of seniors by 2050 will put a great strain on all social services. Knowing that consider becoming part of a new generation of Meals on Wheels providers.  Being a provider doesn’t take as long as you may think, I know, I went along for a delivery and was home by lunch!
On this episode
I talk to the Program Manager for Meals on Wheels. She explains how the service works and dispels any confusion.  There is a lot to the program, so listen in.  I learned a few things I never knew about Meals on Wheels and I’m pleased to bring you this episode. My goal with this episode is for you to learn all you need to know about this fantastic meal delivery service. Meal delivery is an integral part of a healthy aging-in-place plan.

In my household, we use a meal delivery service and we love it.  We started the service to help us try new foods and it's been a great weekly treat.  Maybe someday we'll be using Meal on Wheels, the original meal delivery service!

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