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When Memory Fades: Carolyn Birrell's Brave Odyssey with Mom

When Memory Fades: Carolyn Birrell's Brave Odyssey with Mom

Understanding the shifts in your loved one as their memory fades can be challenging yet crucial for providing support. Keep communication open, listen attentively, and validate their feelings. Educate yourself about memory loss and its progression. Be patient, compassionate, and adapt activities to their abilities. Seek professional guidance and consider support groups for caregivers. Embrace each moment with love and understanding as you navigate through this journey together.

About Our Guest:

Every caregiver has their own unique story about how they learned a loved one had dementia. Carolyn Birrell used her experiences with her Mom to write a book. Walking With Fay – My Moms’ Uncharted Decline Into Dementia, released in time for Mother’s Day 2022, is a heartwarming story. It’s a story of a mother and daughter as they navigate the twists and turns along the path into dementia.

How do you stop someone who lives in a different state from driving down the wrong side of the road? What do you do when Mom only pays specific bills and not others? Navigating these and other dementia-related challenges are situations more and more of us will face.

In this episode, I talk to Carolyn about how she dealt with these challenges. Many of her Moms dementia-related behaviors presented in unique ways. This chat is a brave and honest glimpse into a journey of dementia, with acknowledgment of lessons learned from one being providing care for another.

You’ll enjoy the stories about Fay, feel less alone and get some tips on how to handle your journey.

Find Carolyn & her book here


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