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136 - Moving On After Caregiving

136 - Moving On After Caregiving

Most of us don't sign up for caregiving. It happens because of a crisis or slowly takes over more of our day-to-day lives. Eventually, much of our caregiving comes to an end, and then what? When caregiving has been your primary life purpose for years, what do you do when that's gone?

Moving on isn't always easy. Even when we think we're ready for the change, we can feel lost when it happens. During this unique time in our world, moving on is even more challenging. How do we move on in a world that is nearly standing still?

As my guest says, Where you are now is a test, but not your destination. Start where the opportunity is because you are in transition. The process is a preparation for the small things that lead to mighty things!

2020 has been a challenge for me; moving, changing careers, and losing my Mom, all in the first three months. But I'm not the only one facing a similar challenge; how do we move on after our loved one is gone? In today's episode, I have motivational speaker Michael Arterberry and another caregiver in the transition to discuss moving on after caregiving.

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