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010 - My Mom Marge – (Non Alzheimer’s dementia)

010 - My Mom Marge – (Non Alzheimer’s dementia)

In today’s episode I have a conversation with Pam about her journey with her Mom Marge.  Marge is my Mom's “next-door neighbor” and started her journey in a different way than my Mom. Pam talks about her Mom, their struggles, what it’s like now.  Marge does not have Alzheimer's, she has frontal temporal dementia that was caused by a stroke. Her memory had been declining for a while before the stroke and Pam juggled a lot to keep her Mom safe. Listen in on our conversation and hear Pam's advice to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Some advice from Pam:

Once you know if your loved one needs help, pull the bandaid off, and find an Assisted Living community that feels like home and has them make the move. The peace of mind and reduced stress is priceless.

Once your loved one is in a care community, take them out as often as practical because there will come a day that you won’t be able to take them out.

Get into a support group and learn everything you can about dealing with this disease, it’ll save your sanity if you do.

Network with the other residents' families, it’ll be a lifesaver when you do.

Everything you’re doing, you’re doing out of love. Telling little “fiblets” is a lifesaver, also known as “not inviting Mom to our reality”.

Utilize the resources of the Alzheimer’s Association, they have a great website and great services to help you along the journey.

Connect with them any way you can.

I hope you enjoy hearing another family’s story. I find it extremely helpful to know that I am not alone on this journey.

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