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Navigating The Maze of Providing Care W/Trish Laub


Cover of Through The Rabbit Hole
Providing Care can sometimes feel like falling down a rabbit hole.


Navigating the maze of providing care author, Trish Laub says “Expect the unexpected in every situation. You may be shortsighted due to a diagnosis or fall in the cracks between medical specialties. When you think you know what is going on, understand you can’t always guess what will happen. You can spend hours and days trying to imagine every possibility. When you least expect it, something you could never have imagined will happen. With the unexpected outcome, comes the roller coaster ride!”

When you’ve decided to manage care, other steps are now needed. It’s essential to develop a care philosophy, goals, and strategies for reaching the target with the patient. A plan will allow everyone involved with the care to have a clear understanding of the patient’s wishes. You’ll have a plan to deliver them.

Most of us do not become caregivers with a lot of foresight. In most cases, many of us end up caregivers as a result of an emergency. Providing care is like falling down a rabbit hole.


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