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Dentistry for People With Dementia

Dentistry for People With Dementia

Dentistry for People With Dementia has their own challenges and rewards. Dentistry for people living with dementia presents unique challenges to their care partners. Imagine arranging for a dental house call because Mom's breath is horrible, only to discover she has dentures!  This is just one of many fascinating stories today's guest, Dr. Joy V. Poskozim, shares with us. We discussed many practical tips for assisting our loved ones in oral care, dental appointments, and more.

There’s an old saying about the eyes being windows to the soul. But the latest medical and dentistry research shows that the mouth truly is a window into one’s overall health. Looking out for a loved one’s health means keeping an eye on their nutritional intake, physical capabilities, and teeth and gums.

This episode is full of laughs and the great information you won't want to miss!

After you tune in, check out Dr. Joy's website. Good info there too!


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