Disease research

Hope on the Horizon? (Research Interview)

Do you ever feel like disease has taken over our world and we’ll never be free of its devastating effects? Fortunately, while we’re caregiving for people living with Alzheimer’s there are people living Alzheimer’s research daily.

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Feed Your Brain for Cognitive Health

Being able to feed our brains while on the go is enough challenge. Doing so in a healthy way is even more so. This podcast episode talks about healthy brain nutrition and a new product that makes on-the-go brain health eastier.

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Choosing Joy – A Book of Alzheimer’s Hope

Most of us see a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s as the beginning of a journey that will be filled with frustration, sadness and possibly worse. There are very few positive stories we can read. But, what if, just by the way we approach caring for our loved one we can actually help keep their mind stimulated?

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About Fading Memories Podcast

Fading Memories is a supportive podcast for people dealing with a loved one with memory loss. We interview people who have some of the answers and families currently on this journey. Join us and we’ll support each other along the way!

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