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Make Grandma Smile – Engagement & Activities

Looking for ways to have better visits with my Mom is the genesis of the Fading Memories podcast. After two and a half years, I’ve learned a lot more about engagement. By learning how to give seniors a purpose and find things they enjoy, we go a long way into having meaningful visits. By bringing an entertainment and participation component, Make Grandma Smile is looking to standardized senior engagement and activities.

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Cover of Well Spouse

Surviving Alzheimer’s As a Well Spouse

How can you survive being an Alzheimer’s caregiver and remain a well spouse? When you are experiencing sorrow, fear, frustration, agony, exhaustion, and depression, and when the level of caregiving stress makes you feel on the verge of a total breakdown, know that you are not alone. There is not the way, there is not a single right way and there is definitely no easy way. However, there are paths through this arduous task.

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Navigating The Maze of Providing Care

When you’ve decided to manage care, other steps are now needed. It’s essential to develop a care philosophy, goals, and strategies for reaching the target with the patient. A plan will allow everyone involved with the care to have a clear understanding of the patient’s wishes. You’ll have a plan to deliver them.

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Cartoon brain reading a book

Reading & Alzheimer’s – Does It Help?

If we utilize the benefits of reading to prevent Alzheimer’s, the answer seems simple to me. Make some time daily to read both digitally and analog (or paper). By doing this, we should give our brains the benefits of both styles of reading.

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Gray Matters & Me

Summer Reading with Gray Matters

Can the digital networks that record our footprints hold us steady when dementia threatens to push us off the path? The question has real stakes for data analyst Charlie Sanders, His best hope for a father succumbing to Alzheimer’s comes from assistive technology that Charlie helps design. Will Charlie keep his father and his country on track or turn a whole generation into glitches?

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Caregiving & Employment

Caregiving & Employment – Make It All Work

Longer and longer lives are becoming the norm.  Understandably, caregiving, and employment are bound to become a clash of responsibilities. Caregivers and employers working together can avoid complicating these competing responsibilities. In the end, what’s good for the employee is good for the employer, right?

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About Fading Memories Podcast

Fading Memories is a supportive podcast for people dealing with a loved one with memory loss. We interview people who have some of the answers and families currently on this journey. Join us and we’ll support each other along the way!

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