A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

Preserving Dignity with Smart Adaptive Clothing

Preserving dignity is possible with Smart Adaptive Clothing


Dressing the way that defines us should not take a back seat when our health or abilities change. Arthritis, physical limitations, even cognitive impairment can make dressing a challenge. Many seniors with these issues find themselves dressed in clothing that is not “them”.  This is especially the case for men who have less clothing choices than women.

Finding clothing for a father who preferred button down shirts and pressed slacks that he was able to manage proved to be the catalyst to a new business. Smart Adaptive Clothing was the answer to the question “there has to be a way”.

Nancy Connor is my guest on this episode of Fading Memories. Listen to her story about her Dad and how his challenges pushed her to create a stylish, flattering line of clothing that is easy to put on despite physical or mental challenges.

Aids in Dressing Seniors

There are dozens of blog posts on how to help a senior dress when that task is more than they can handle. However, with Smart Adaptive Clothing, many of these tips can be put off for many years.

Smart Adaptive Clothing details
How Smart Adaptive Clothing works to preserve dignity.


The idea behind Smart Adaptive Clothing was to create stylish clothing that was easy to put on. No more struggling with buttons or having to wear pull over shirts. Smart Adaptive Clothing has velcro closures behind a row of decorative buttons that look functional. Many men feel more like their younger selves when they wear a button down shirt.

One tip for helping a loved one with dressing is to lay out all the clothing for them.  The goal is for the older adult to do as much of the dressing as possible themselves. One way to encourage this is to use adaptive clothing, which is widely available. Adaptive clothing, or ‘easy access clothing’ is easier to change and remove than regular clothing, and is specially made for older adults or people with disabilities. It has simple closures, helps an older adult retain dignity and provide some level of self-care.

By preserving a seniors dignity you help them live a better life. Why not give  Smart Adaptive Clothing a try?