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Slow Cooker Tri Tip, Tomatoes & Feta

Slow Cooker Trip Tip, Tomatoes & Feta
Company worthy & easy. Slow Cooker Trip Tip, Tomatoes & Feta

This recipe has been used for our typical weeknight dinner and once for Christmas Eve. It’s a great choice for something “fancy” that takes literally, almost no time to put together. What else could you ever need?


–2 lbs of tri-tip
–1/3 cup of white wine
–1 jar of sundried tomatoes, oil drained
–8.5 oz package of feta cheese


I’ve cooked this meal multiple times, using frozen meat and defrosted meat. Frozen works better. Put the meat in the slow cooker, pour the wine and tomatoes over the top, cook for 6-10 hours. My slow cookers always need less time. Once cooked, top with the feta cheese, serve.