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Estate Planning for the Sandwich Generation

Estate Planning for the Sandwich Generation


Do you care for your children and worry about your aging parents? Congratulations, you are a member of the “Sandwich Generation”. Not such a great place to be and probably not what you had planned. Caring for children and seniors is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. It can be a financial strain as well. Dealing with the financial end is the purpose of this episode.

You probably have many questions about estate planning. You know you should be making a will and probably need some other estate planning documents, but which ones? What should you do to protect your children? How can you help your parents as they age? Where do you start?

In this episode I talk to Catherine Hooder, Esq.an estate planning attorney turned author. She enjoys working with families who would rather be doing anything else than estate planning. Her Florida law practice made “house calls” to help families with their estate planning needs. She now resides in California, writing helpful articles for members of the “Sandwich Generation”.

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