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Money Talk: How to "Have the Talk"

Money Talk: How to "Have the Talk"


Show me the money is about having essential conversations with your parents about their finances. Talking to your parents about their financial matters isn’t easy territory; you need to know what to say & what not to say. My guest, Cameron Huddleston is an award-winning, financial journalist. Despite her comfort with financial conversations and her Moms openness on the subject, trouble loomed. They didn’t discuss the importance of long-term-care insurance early enough for her Mom.

In this episode, Cameron will give us tips for talking with our siblings (something I could have used)about your parents’ finances. She also discusses ways to tackle conversations about estate planning, documents, long-term-care, and when it’s time to move. Our conversation is a taste of what you’ll get in her new book, “Mom and Dad we need to talk”. This book gives you advice on every step plus exercises to help you get comfortable.

Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk is the essential guide for having productive financial conversations with your parents that lead to meaningful action. This podcast episode helps you get started too.

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