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202 - Slow Puncture – Destigmatizing Dementia

202 - Slow Puncture – Destigmatizing Dementia

Peter Berry uses cycling as a way to remove the stigma of a dementia diagnosis.

Deb Bunt's life changed when she meet cyclist Peter Berry (who had an early-onset dementia diagnosis at age 50). As she and Peter cycled together, their friendship grew, and he started to share the story of his dementia diagnosis. When he said, “I fear I am just going to forget who I am,” Deb offered to keep a note of his thoughts for him. Thus the beginnings of the book Slow Puncture, Living Well With Dementia was born.

“Dementia is a diagnosis for the whole family,” Peter says, “but don’t keep it secret because it will eat away at the whole family.” Since that day, he has learned to live with his very own dementia monster. From depression and suicide attempts to his determination to confront his dementia, Peter has embarked on a series of challenges to show that life isn't over with dementia.

Looking at Peter when he is cycling, you would never know that this fit, healthy man is living with dementia. His goal now is to do what he can to erase the stigma of his diagnosis. He does this by raising money for dementia charities and cycling hundreds of miles in his quest to show that life is always worth living.


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