A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

Soul of Care -A Physicians Moral Movement

Dr Klienman & his wife, Joan

In the hope of starting a moral movement of family caregivers demanding the support, they need Dr. Kleinman joins me on the podcast. Dr. Arthur Kleiman advocates that this needs to be done to make qualitative care the focus of our health care system.

While caregiving for his wife Joan, Arthur found out just how far the act of caregiving extended beyond the boundaries of medicine. Diagnosed with atypical, early-onset Alzheimer’s Joan becomes the backbone of a truly inspiring story.

In view of our political indifference and the crisis of burnout, we must learn to ask difficult questions of ourselves and our doctors.  To give care for someone who needs us teaches us what is most important in medicine and in life.

Doctor Kleinman delivers a deeply human and inspiring story of his life and his marriage to Joan. He describes the practical, moral, and emotional aspects of caregiving.  He also writes about the problems in our society as an aging population puts pressure on a dysfunctional health care system. It’d truly a moral movement for all of us.

Soul of Care – The Moral Education of a Husband & Doctor

Health Care Literacy

Where Else To Find Fading Memories

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